The Office of the Attorney General has documented 10 facts to demonstrate the illegal activity committed by the governor who allegedly lent machinery of the municipality and offered human resources to get supporters for Daniel Ricardo García Castillo who was finally elected as mayor and is currently in prison.

After the Office of the Attorney General submitted enough material and physical evidence against the outgoing mayor of Valle de San Juan (Tolima), Héctor Orlando Padilla Barragán, for aggravated criminal conspiracy and corruption charges in influencing voters, the Court 6th Municipal Court (Guarantee Court) of Ibagué, will send him to prison.

The Office of the Attorney General´s arguments allowed the judge to infer about the responsibility of the local governor in acts of corruption with the sole purpose of favoring Daniel García Castillo in the elections on October 27 who was elected as mayor.

About 10 relevant facts that have been documented give an account of the maneuvers of the mayor who would have used people, staff of the Mayor’s Office, and vehicles of the municipal administration, in coordination with García Castillo, in order to help citizens and communities in exchange for their votes.