The investigations carried during nine months allowed to discover an illegal wildlife trade for 5 years in Cali (Valle del Cauca).

Before a guarantee judge (juez de control de garantías), the Office of the Attorney General charged Alejandro Arias Peláez, legal representative and manager of the company Zoomarcanes Compañía Ltda. and the biologist Jesús Ernesto Ocampo Prado, former public servant of the Administrative Department (Departamento Administrativo de Gestión del Medio Ambiente (Dagma)) for being the alleged perpetrators of offenses related to damage of natural resources and illegal use of renewable natural resources.

In the case of Ocampo Prado, the Office of the Attorney General charged him with breach of duty (default).

At the end of the judicial proceeding, only Arias Peláez pled guilty to the charges.