At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, the 15th Municipal Court  issued a preventive detention order with imprisonment against 10 alleged members of the criminal group known as Trianón which was engaged in the sale of drugs  in southern area of the city of Medellín.

The defendants are the alleged ringleader, Fabio León Ángel Ramírez, aka Corazon or the Zar del bazuco his wife Zulima María Sánchez, aka Zulima; his son Fabio Ángel Sánchez, aka Fabito. Also, Duberney Alzate Muñoz, aka Piña; Jeison Andrés López Bedoya, aka Jei; Juan Guillermo Osorio Gaviria, aka Mauro; Luis Fernando Vallejo Cardona, aka Canoso; Oscar Mauricio Gaviria Vélez, aka Memo; Sara Lucía Gómez Ramírez, aka Sara; and Flor María Bedoya, aka Flor.