This is criminal gang denominated ‘Los de Pablito’ which affected owners of bicycles in the main city of the country. The members of the criminal organization had already been prosecuted. Preventive detention orders were issued against them for the commission of two offenses. 

The Office of the Attorney General and National Police who are determined to fight against different methods of robbery, gave a hard blow to illegal finances of the criminal organization ‘Los de Pablito’ which was involved in robberies of bikes in Bogotá, Medellin and Cali.

The Office of the Attorney General and National Police seized in the last hours eight properties located downtown Bogotá and neighborhoods Pensilvania, Camelia, Coruña, Murillo Toro, Nuevo Techo and La Favorita. Two vehicles that were used to transport stolen bicycles were also seized.

The evidence collected allowed the Judicial Police to establish how the assets that were affected with preventive measures were used by the members of the criminal gang in order to store, repair and sell stolen bicycles.