The Office of the Attorney General arrested 13 alleged members of an organization accused of altering some smuggled, decomposed or exclusive medicines and selling them as new and authentic products in drugstores, hospitals and clinics. As a result of proceedings carried out in Bogotá and Pereira, more than one and a half tons of counterfeit products were seized.

A citizen submitted a complaint to a pharmaceutical laboratory since the pills he took to recover from an anemia affected him and generated alleged adverse effects that complicated his health.

The product, which was bought in a drugstore in the north area of Bogotá, was examined by experts who detected several irregularities such as alterations in the packing, in its brand, it became due and it was used to treat a disease different from anemia.

With this information the Attorney General’s Office, through the Directorate against Violations of Human Rights, began an investigation to establish the origin of forged medicines and find those responsible for this illegal action that endangers the life of thousands of Colombians.