Today, June 21st 2019, a meeting between the Attorney General Fabio Espitia Garzón and his counterpart in Argentina, Eduardo Ezequiel Casal, took place in the city of Buenos Aires. Its purpose was to sign an interinstitutional cooperation agreement Convenio de Cooperación Interinstitucional entre el Ministerio Público Fiscal de la República Argentina  y la Fiscalía General de la Nación de la República de Colombia”, in which they commit to strengthening existing cooperation relations and promoting criminal investigations against transnational organized crime, especially, terrorism and its funding, human trafficking, human smuggling, trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances, corruption, money laundering, cybercrimes and crimes against the environment.

In the meeting, the Attorney General and his counterpart highlighted the fruitful results of the dynamics of the judicial cooperation and the need to continue with a joint work between both institutions.