The senior official must appear before courts or before the Office the Attorney General when required and demonstrate good behavior as provided by the judge when issuing a measure of non-custodial sentence.

The Office of the Attorney General brought charges against mayor of the city of Yopal, René Leonardo Puentes Vargas before a judge of guarantees (control de garantias) in Aguazul (Casanare) for the alleged commission of undue interest in the execution of contracts, breach of duty (action) and influence peddling. He did not plead guilty to the charges.

According to what was stated in hearings (audiencias concentradas)*, in January 2018, the mayor would have acted irregularly by appointing people and suggesting other appointments for the company ‘Empresa Industrial y Comercial del Estado (Ceiba)’ disregarding the regulations stipulated for such administrative procedures.

* Many hearings held in one hearing