The Office of the Attorney General issued preventive detention orders for executives and former executives of Inassa and Empresa de Servicios Públicos Triple A S.A. for an alleged contract on tecnichal assistance.  The Office of the Attorney General seized  Inassa´s shares in Triple A.

The Office of the Attorney General began the second phase of ‘Acordeón’ Operation whose aim is to detect corruption networks which appropriated or embezzled funds that were allocated to provision of public services in the Atlantic Coast and potable water which is a vital resource for the community.

With regards to actions planned for the institutional strategy, a prosecutor belonging to the Special Office against Corruption determined the legal status of Inassa´s  executives and former executives (company which is part of Canal Isabel II)  and the companyServicios Públicos Triple A S.A. ESP’  which are investigated for alleged inconsistencies in funds management and an alleged and for the unjustified increase of associates’ properties of both multinationals in Colombia.