Six former public servants of the Mayor’s Office in María la Baja (Bolívar) will be inquired for the commission of embezzlement. The process will be subjected to Law 600 or the former judicial system since they actions which took place between 2000 and 2001 are being investigated.

Police authorities arrested Alejandro Marimón Salinas, former Secretary of Planning and Public Works, and current advisor to the Mayor´s Office in María la Baja; Rosiris Castro Santos, former Secretary of Finance; Jairo Lamadrid Merlano, former Secretary of Finance; Farides Barrios former Secretary of  Finances and current public servant of the Internal Control Office of the Governors’ Office of Bolivar; Palmiro Torres Carmona, former Secretary of Planning; Domingo Padilla Zuñiga, director of the so-called Unidad Municipal de Asistencia Técnica Agropecuaria (Umata).