In less than a week, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police solved the crime of the teacher who was murdered at the school where he worked.

After assessing the evidence presented by the Attorney General’s Office, a judge imposed a prison sentence against Diego Antonio Isaza Álvarez, as allegedly responsible for the murder of a teacher from Yolombó (Antioquia) .

The facts occurred on September 12 when the victim, 36 years old, was killed with a firearm by several men who broke into the Guillermo Aguilar Educational Institution, located in the Barro Blanco neighborhood of the aforementioned town.

The incident took place during the report card day that took place on the educational institute.

The teacher was wounded (20 gunshot wounds). Investigators established that a motorcycle and a cell phone were also stolen from the victim.

Four days after the homicide, the coordinated work between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police allowed the identification and issuance of an arrest warrant against Isaza Álvarez. The arrest was carried out on September 19 in the municipality of Buga (Valle del Cauca ).

The defendant went there in order to evade the authorities.

The 25-year-old man did not plead guilty to the charges brought by a prosecutor of the Sectional Office in Antioquia for the crimes of aggravated homicide, aggravated robbery, and aggravated illegal possession of firearms.

When we speak, results follow.

The information contained in this press release corresponds to the narration of the objective news provided by the officials in charge of carrying out criminal investigations within the Office of the Attorney General. By the time this communication is disclosed, the legal status of the people mentioned is still pending to be resolved by the competent judicial authority, always under the presumption of innocence contemplated by Article 29 of the Political Constitution and Article 7 of Law 906 of 2004.