Likewise, he revealed that in the next few days there will be judicial decisions against officials who participated in events that affect the normal development of the democratic elections.

During the forum named “Garantías Electorales – 2022” ( Electoral Guarantees) the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, stated that various investigative acts are carried out concerning the institutional strategy defined to intervene in the case of electoral corruption and to address those cases on electoral crimes that can occur before, during and after the legislative and presidential elections.

“Corruption starts when many of these people are financed with a kind of corruption in public contracting. Subsequently, they begin to undermine and attack all the assets belonging to the State in their departments to be prepared for these electoral contests,” said the Attorney General.

In this sense, he stated that, in the coming days, judicial decisions will be announced regarding circumstances that affect the democratic act of electing, the improper use of public resources and other “reproachable” behaviors in which some officials would be incurring during the electoral period.

“The use of royalties. There is an important issue that the Prosecutor’s Office has to monitor (…) how those royalties are used and what is the unhealthy relationship that is taking place in the Congress or at the national level against management, improper use and theft of public resources, through mayors in different places of the national territory to finance elections”, revealed the Attorney General Barbosa Delgado.

The Prosecutor’s Office will be the guarantor of the right to vote. This way, a detailed follow-up of the electoral risks that may arise in the territories is carried out in order to take the necessary investigative and judicial actions.

In this way, the Prosecutor’s Office, together with other entities, works to deal with any situation that could endanger the democratic contest. The capacities are coordinated to close the path for those cyber criminals and apply the parameters defined in Directive 002 of 2022 which was established as a roadmap to combat electoral corruption.

When we speak, results follow.