• He stated that 23,000 public servants will work jointly against different forms of corruption.
  • In the last two years, the Attorney General´s Office obtained 1,759 convictions and has carried out 10,490 accusations for different crimes associated with irregular hiring, embezzlement of public resources and behaviors that violate administrative morality.

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, participated in the sanction ceremony Ley para la Transparencia, Prevención y Lucha contra la Corrupción ( Law for Transparency, Prevention and Fight against Corruption) in which he pointed out that the rule represents a significant effort to combat this criminal phenomenon.

Likewise, he stated that this is a new tool that will strengthen investigative actions against the different forms of corruption and will allow the prosecution of those responsible for these behaviors, which is one of the main objectives defined in the Strategic Direction of the Prosecutor’s Office 2020 – 2024.

He indicated that the prioritization of cases associated with corruption has allowed, during the last two years, to obtain 1,759 convictions, carry out 10,490 accusations and obtain 2,488 detention measures. Likewise, mechanisms have been used to locate assets belonging to illegal structures that have endangered public resources, the administration of justice, and administrative morality, among others.

To this end, he specified that the transversal strategy of the Prosecutor’s Office “is to pursuit  assets of criminals, not only those related to drug trafficking but also all those who are linked to criminal actions”

In this scenario of affecting the heritage of criminality, the Law for Transparency, Prevention and Fight against Corruption will speed up the assets seizure process, monetize the assets affected with precautionary measures and determine administrative and legal responsibilities.

Finally, regarding the electoral process that will take place this year, the Attorney General Barbosa Delgado emphasized: “we do not intervene in electoral processes. The function is to investigate criminal acts. For us, this law is fundamental, and that is why I must tell you that this electoral period is going to be faced with various mechanisms”

He pointed out that the mission to combat corruption continues if criminals intervene in electoral processes. “We will persecute them because for Prosecutor’s Office there is no point of view, no time, no prohibited territories when fighting against corruption.”

He also concluded that the institution presented a plan to monitor the elections ‘Plan de Atención de Seguimiento y Prevención de Criminalidad Electoral 2021 – 2022’,  which coordinates the capacities of the Technical Investigative Corps (CTI) with (CTI), the Delegate Office on Public Safety, the Special Directorate against Corruption and sectional offices throughout the country.

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