The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, traveled to Cúcuta and carried out a work session and did a follow-up of results. in the company of the Delegate on Public Safety, Luisa Fernanda Obando, and the sectional directors of Norte de Santander, Daniel Alexander Tapias Ocampo; in Arauca, Anderson Pinilla Sandoval; and from Magdalena Medio region, Ricardo Iván Romero Moreno.

This area of ​​the country had been prioritized to strengthen the entity’s response capacity and boost the investigative activities on illegal behaviors that affect public safety the most.

The defined strategies produced outstanding results and a considerable increase with respect to the previous year about the clarification of crimes such as homicide since it went from 31% to 41%; sexual violence from 10% to 30%; and domestic violence from 9% to 40%.

“Within the framework of this work, we have reached 91% success of effectiveness regarding detention measures when there are structural judicial investigations for micro and macro projects in this area of ​​the country,” said the Attorney General.

The follow-up plans will continue in Norte de Santander, Arauca and Magdalena Medio to increase the progress of clarification of other crimes that directly affect the tranquility of the inhabitants.

“With this team of the Attorney General’s Office, throughout the national territory and in this area of ​​the country, we want to tell citizens that we speak with results,” concluded Attorney Barbosa Delgado.

When we speak, results follow.