With regards to the recent information published in social media about the alleged sexual abuse of a girl under the age of 17 within the facilities of an Immediate Reaction Unit (URI for its initials in Spanish) in the city of Popayán (Cauca), as well as her subsequent death, the Attorney General’s Office immediately started its investigative activities.

To this end, it was constituted a special team led by the female prosecutor who coordinates the Gender Group, an expert in gender-based violence on children and adolescents, also in human rights and international humanitarian law.

A prosecutor of the so-called Unidad de Vida (Life Unit), CTI investigators and medical examiners of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences have been also designated to be part of this group.

In the meantime, some technical-scientific and forensic activities are developed in observance of what The Minnesota Protocol establishes, as well as the collection of evidence and biological samples to determine the existence or not of the crime of sexual abuse, as well as the cause of death.

Additionally, a psychological autopsy to analyze the context of the minor was ordered.

The Attorney General’s Office has deployed its investigative capacity, in this case, to clarify the circumstances and provide citizens with precise and accurate information.