The Office of the Attorney General, through the Sectional Office in Huila achieved a sentence of 43 years and 5 months in prison (523 months) against Javier Esteban Polanía Forero, for the crime of aggravated femicide of his former girlfriend.

According to the information, the victim was attacked by Polanía, causing her 10 wounds with a sharp weapon. The facts took place on July 22, 2018, in the neighborhood Cuarto Centenario in Neiva (Huila).

According to the forensic report, the victim had “multiple sharps injuries to the chest, back and upper extremities, as well as blunt injuries to the head, right thigh, and legs.”

At the hearing, it was established that Javier Esteban Polonia Forero, who was arrested in flagrante delicto, was responsible for the facts.

According to the evidence provided by the Office of the Attorney General, there was a repetitive cycle of violence against the woman despite the fact that they had already ended the relationship. Also, it was pointed out that the victim suffered harassment, persecution, permanent intimidation and psychological pressure by the convicted person.

The actions of the Prosecutor’s Office take place within the framework of the investigative strategy to counteract criminal phenomena that threaten women´s lives, developed under the Strategic Direction drawn up by the Attorney General Francisco Barbosa Delgado. This decision was pronounced in the first instance and it may be challenged by legal remedies.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.