The Office of the Attorney General makes progress with the commitment to investigate and prosecute those people responsible for acts committed against human rights defenders, social leaders and people in process of reincorporation. In this sense, a prosecutor appointed to the Special Investigation Unit charged Diego Fernando Montenegro Yepes, alias Libardo, with aggravated murder and illegal possession of firearms.

This person (24 years old) would be part of a dissident structure of the 48th Farc and according to the evidence would be involved in the crime of the peasant leader Nixon Willington Valencia Cobeña, which took place on April 22, 2019 in the rural area Tres Islas in San Miguel (Putumayo).

The information shows that armed men shot the victim several times when he was on a public road near the house.

Due to these facts and due to the evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General, the Municipal Court of mixed jurisdiction (Jusgado Promiscuo) in La Dorada- San Miguel (Putumayo) issued a prison sentence for alias Libardo.

The defendant was arrested by Police authorities in Popayán on March 17th in the Bus Terminal of that city.

These results arise from the strategy of the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, to prioritize investigations aimed at clarifying crimes against specially protected populations.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.

When we speak, results follow.

The information contained in this press release corresponds to the narration of the objective news provided by the officials in charge of carrying out the criminal investigations within the Office of the Attorney General. By the time this communication is disclosed, the legal status of the people mentioned is still pending to be resolved by the competent judicial authority, always under the presumption of innocence contemplated by Article 29 of the Political Constitution and Article 7 of Law 906 of 2004.