In an operation carried out by the Technical Investigative Corps (CTI) on October 22nd , with the support of the National Army, the Office of the Attorney General seized the farm known as La Veranera in the municipality of Apía ( Risaralda), valued at COP 560 million, apparently owned by Juan Guillermo Monsalve Pineda. 

These results arose from the strategic guidelines defined by the Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa Delgado in the fight against illegal finances and to counteract high-impact criminal phenomena. 

In the development of the investigation carried out by the Office on Assets Seizure  and the Delegate Office on Criminal Finances, it was possible to prove that the aforementioned property belonged to former militiaman. However, there is evidence that allegedly proves that the ownership of the property would be in the name of his relatives in order to presumably evade the action of justice.