Alias ​​Chapi or Alejandra, was the person allegedly in charge of transmitting the orders to carry out murders, as well as of collecting the extortion money known as ‘vacunas’ from residents of Tumaco (Nariño). 

The Office of the Attorney General, in coordination with the National Police and National Army personnel, arrested Yenny Joheli Pai Castillo, alias Chapi or Alejandra, after home raids and searches proceedings in a property located in the rural area of ​​Tumaco (Nariño) for her alleged responsibility as co-author in the murder of a social leader in Nariño. 

This investigation that was carried out under the guidelines of the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, to clarify murders and other criminal acts that threaten social leaders and human rights defenders, allowed to prosecute this woman, who apparently was part of the Armed Group Organized Residual Óliver Sinisterrra that operates in Tumaco. 

The murder of Lucy Itayosara Villarreal Herrera, a social and cultural leader of the department of Nariño, accredited by the UN, was committed on December 23, 2019 in a small town named Llorente, jurisdiction of the aforementioned municipality. A man who was in the back seat of a motorcycle got off and entered a transport company where the victim was and shot her several times and killed her. 

The Office of the Attorney General obtained evidence that indicates that alias Chapi, as an alleged member of the Gaor Óliver Sinisterra, was under the leadership of alias Gringo who ordered alias Murga to assassinate the leader Villarreal Herrera . 

Likewise, the evidence collected in the process allows to conclude that Pai Castillo was, presumably, in charge of monitoring the area, giving orders to the hitmen, coordinating selective homicides, threatening and extorting the inhabitants of the region. 

For to these facts, the Office of the Attorney General charged alias Chapi, before the Second Municipal Court of Tumaco with supervisory functions, with aggravated murder -multiple concurrent crimes – with aggravated criminal conspiracy and was sent to Buchely prison in that municipality. 

These results are framed in the institutional policy “En la calle y en los territorios” (near people and territories) to investigate, as a priority, serious acts committed against social leaders and human rights defenders. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.