The Office of the Attorney General and the National Police arrested  four alleged members of the residual structure Oliver Sinisterra, accused of participating in the murders that took place on August 22. 

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado presented the results of the prompt investigative response that allowed to clarify the murder of six people in the La Guayacana district, in Tumaco (Nariño) in 12 days.  

In  judicial proceedings carried out in the rural area Las Marías, kilometer 88 of road Tumaco – Pasto, the Office of the Attorney General and the Dijin-National Police arrested four alleged members of the Oliver Sinisterra residual structure who allegedly participated in the criminal action. The detainees were identified as: 

  • Cristian Angulo, alias Samper. 
  • Carmen Amanda Parra Medina, alias La Mona 
  • Albeany Ángulo Valecilla 
  • Joni Angulo, alias Joni

These people will be brought before a supervisory judge and the Office of the Attorney General will charge them with aggravated murder and criminal conspiracy. Alias Joni will also be charged with taking possession of hydrocarbons and environmental contamination.