Under the coordination of the Office of the Attorney General, the staff of Interpol Colombia turned four Colombian citizens in to the Dominican Republic authorities as they were wanted with a view to extradition for different actions related to drug trafficking offenses. 

The procedure was carried out in Barranquilla (Atlántico) after completing the diplomatic and administrative procedures and meeting with the judicial authorities’ approval. 

Among those people extradited are Luis Alberto Clavijo Frade, Daniel Guillermo Ocampo Bermúdez and Juan Felipe Andrade Torres, who would be involved in the shipment and piloting of an aircraft with 625 kilograms of cocaine that, in October 2017, landed in La Romana International Airport (Dominican Republic). 

These three people were arrested in 2018 by virtue of a red notice issued by Interpol and an extradition request of the Dominican justice for crimes related to international drug trafficking.