The Office of the Attorney General achieved  the maximum sentence against Germán Antonio Castilla Pinto, alias Alfonso, head of an urban structure of ‘Clan del Golfo’ for  planning and executing multiple murders, among other criminals actions that took place in Cesar. 

Thanks to the evidence collected, the Criminal Court of the Special Circuit of Valledupar sentenced alias ‘Alfonso’ to 60 years in prison for the crimes of aggravated criminal conspiracy with multiple concurrent crimes and aggravated murder. Likewise, the court ordered the immediate arrest of the defendant to serve his sentence in a prison and also ordered him to pay a fine of 9.525 legal monthly minimum wages. 

In the process, a prosecutor appointed to the Special Office against Criminal Organizations proved that Castilla Pinto actively participated in six murders registered between April and July 2011 in Valledupar. The testimonies, the interceptions and other judicial police techniques revealed that, in some cases, they obtained the weapons and the hitmen; and in other cases, he gave instructions and helped to find the victims