These two people are wanted the United States with a view to extradition for entering and selling a counterfeit medicine in that country. 

As part of the cooperation agreement to locate international fugitives, the Attorney General’s Office and the United States Mashall Service-United States Department of Justice, members of the Technical Investigative Corps (CTI) (Cuerpo  Técnico  de  Investigación (CTI)  in  Spanish), with the support of the Colombian Air Force and Gaula (Army), arrested Mark Scott Grenon and Joseph Timothy Grenon, accused of selling an alleged ‘potion’ to cure patients with highly complex diseases. 

The judicial proceedings were carried out in the sector known as El Rodadero, in Santa Marta (Magdalena), based on an extradition request from the District Court for the Southern District of Florida in which these two US citizens are wanted for the crime of “criminal conspiracy to defraud The United States and commit a crime against The United States by introducing a counterfeit medicine into the interstate commerce ”. 

According to the investigations, Mark Grenon and Joseph Grenon, father and son, respectively, allegedly served as spiritual guides of an international religious congregation to sell an alleged ‘miracle mineral solution’ to its followers, close friends and on the internet to treat the Covid-19 and cure diseases such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis, autism, Alzheimer and multiple sclerosis.   

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the product has no medicinal effects. The scientific analysis concluded that it is composed of a powerful textile and industrial bleach, a highly toxic substance that allegedly caused the death of seven citizens from the United States.  

The Attorney General’s Office learned that Mark and Joseph Grenon also sold the ‘potion’ in Colombia and coordinated shipments from Santa Marta to The United States and African countries. 

These two people were placed under the authority of the Attorney General. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed about the arrests so that, it can inform the United States Embassy in Bogotá in order to formalize the extradition requests within the terms established in the legal system. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.