The Office of the Attorney General brought charges and obtained a prison measure against Alfredo Briñez Leiton, alias Old Leiton for the murder of Felipe Angucho Yunda, 51 years old, and Pedro Yunda, 56 years old, that took place in February in the rural area of ​​Belén de Los Andaquíes (Caquetá).

In the hearings held on August 5th, a Special Prosecutor in Florencia (Caquetá) charged him with aggravated murder with a series of similar crimes and severally with the manufacture, trafficking and illegal possession of firearms; extortion and conspiracy to commit crimes with extortion purposes. 

The  victims were indigenous named Guambianos from the Misak community in Belén de Los Andaquíes who were apparently murdered due to some lands. 

It should be noted that alias Viejo Leiton is the second person directly linked to this investigation since on July 21 Juaquín Marín (30 years old) was arrested  in Villanueva (Casanare) and now is deprived of liberty.