The Office of the Attorney General and National Police arrested seven alleged members of this criminal network which was involved in the robbery that took place on June 19 in a neighborhood named as Santa Bárbara in the north area of the city. 

As part of the investigative actions within the framework of the public safety strategy established by the Office of the Attorney General and  thanks to a joint work with the National Police, the criminal organization known as ‘Alta Gama’, which commits robberies of houses, was identified and dismantled in Bogota. 

“We are allies to the citizens and enemies of criminals,” stated Attorney General Francisco Barbosa Delgado  

The evidence collected indicates that ‘Alta Gama’ would be involved in robberies of houses in Niza neighborhood and other areas of the north area of the city, in which they have robbed objects worth COP $700 million. Likewise, this criminal gang is accused of  the robbery that occurred on June 19 in Santa Bárbara neighborhood.