The Second Municipal Court of mixed jurisdiction in Barbosa (Antioquia)* issued a non-custodial measure against the current mayor of Barbosa (Antioquia), Édgar Augusto Gallego Arias, for embezzlement in favor of third parties, alleged irregularities in contract to deal with the coronavirus emergency in the Municipality. 

In the same process, house arrest was issued for Daniel Fernando Alcaraz Muñoz, Municipal Health Secretary, Hugo Aldemar Suárez Osorno, Secretary of Planning and contract supervisor, and the contractor Julián Andrés García Torres. 

Alcaraz Muñoz was also charged with forgery in a private document and undue interest in the execution of contracts.  

The investigation carried out by the Office of the Attorney General established that agreement involves training to prevent the disease and the purchase of supplies such as gloves, face masks and antibacterial gel, among others, with a contractor who, apparently, did not meet the eligibility requirements to execute the agreement. 

Thanks to a timely intervention of the Attorney General’s Office, the contract was executed only in a 50 percent. 

*Juzgado  promiscuo  in  Spanish