In an investigative action carried out in just four months, the Office of the Attorney General arrested, prosecuted and achieved the conviction of former president of the Santander Triathlon League, Óscar Mauricio Uribe Pinilla, for designing an illegal model of consultancies to process visas to The United States, in which he modified the profiles of the applicants with false information about their socioeconomic, labor and family status. 

The evidence presented by a prosecutor of the Special Directorate against Criminal Organizations was approved by the Eighth Criminal of Bucaramanga (Court hearing the case) which sentenced the former leader to 50 months in prison and ordered him to pay a fine of 35 legal  minimum wages for the commission of human smuggling. 

After his arrest in the month of March, Uribe Pinilla pleaded guilty to the charges that the Office of the Attorney General brought against him at the time.  

The investigation revealed that the defendant gave certifications of the Triathlon League  or the sports institute Instituto de Deportes de Santander to his ‘clients’ in  order  to  impersonate  them  as  high- performance  athletes  or  employees  of  these  entities  in  positions  such  as  doctors,  physiotherapists,  massage  therapists,  logistics  staff,  among others.  In this way, they increased the probability  of obtaining  the  entry  permit  into  the  United  States  before  the  Embassy. 

The testimonies and documents which are in possession of the Office of the Attorney General show that Óscar Mauricio Uribe Pinilla advised 64 people in two years. 59 of them obtained the respective visas. Many of the petitioners were Venezuelan migrants who paid between 500 and 900 thousand pesos to process the documents.