he Office of the Attorney General brought Carlos José Robayo Escobar, alias Guacamayo, former head of the no longer existing cartel ‘Cartel del Norte del Valle’, before the First Special Court as he is wanted to serve a sentence of 42 years and 6 months in prison for the murder of three people whose bodies were found buried in a farm named La Gardelia, in a small town named  Río Claro in Jamundí (Valle del Cauca), in February 2013. 

Alias ​​Guacamayo was arrested thanks to a coordinated action between the Special Office against Drug Trafficking and Dijin- National Police in La Dorada (Caldas). The investigative work allowed to establish that this person would have changed his physical appearance to manage to slip by unseen and he allegedly arrived at that village to coordinate various investments.  

Robayo Escobar was searched by virtue of an order issued by the Tribunal Court of Cali in March 2018, which confirmed the sentence pronounced against him for aggravated  criminal conspiracy for the purpose of committing murder, aggravated murder  with a series of similar crimes of triple murder; and aggravated manufacture, trafficking, possession of accessories, firearms, parts, or ammunition.