The Office of the Attorney General through the local office on Thefts (Unidad de Hurtos y Estafas in Spanish) prosecuted 8 alleged members of the criminal gang known as Los Lagañosos, who were allegedly involved in at least 12 criminal acts between 2019 and  2020. 

In a hearing*, the accusing body carried out the indictment against those prosecuted for aggravated theft. The defendants did not plead guilty to the charges. 

This criminal structure which operated in Pitalito (Huila) and committed thefts under different modalities, especially in neighborhood known as Lara Bonilla, was dismantled  by Police authorities of the Department of Huila this week and as a result, members under investigation were arrested. A custodial sentence was issued.

Its modus operandi consisted in intimidating victims with bladed weapons and firearms to take their belongings, including bags, cash, cell phones, wallets, even bicycles and motorcycles.

1.  Several  kinds  of  hearings  held  in  one  hearing  (audiencias concentradas in Spanish)