Before a supervisory judge, the Office of the Attorney General  charged  the current Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Leguízamo (Putumayo), Rafael Mauricio Franco Rodríguez; and the former Secretary of Planning of the municipality, Manuel Ignacio Guzmán Rubiano with execution of a contract  without compliance with the legal requirements, ideological falsehood, and embezzlement. 

The Office of the Attorney General investigates the defendants for the alleged irregularities in the contracting in the year 2015 when the first mentioned person held the same position as at present, and the latter, as the then Secretary of Planning with functions of an interim mayor.

Thanks to judicial work, it was possible to determine alleged inconsistencies in the signing of two contracts in that year, each with a value of 12 million, whose “object” was to update the analysis of the health situation in 2013 and 2014 by characterizing, measuring and explaining the health and sickness profile of a population. 

The Office of the Attorney General established that the person registered as the contractor never signed or presented a document to apply to said contracts. In addition, municipal officials falsified documents and receipts to appropriate these resources. 

The defendants did not plead guilty to charges and the judge issued a prison sentence against them to serve in the prison of Puerto Leguízamo. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.