In this case, the Office of the Attorney General investigates the recruitment, transportation, reception of women, most of them Venezuelan citizens. There are  9 victims, among them a minor from La Dorada (Caldas).  

In joint actions, members of the Office of the Attorney General and members of Sijín- National Police gave a hard blow to the criminal organization named ‘Dignidad’ which recruited women for criminal purposes related to crimes against sexual integrity and freedom. 

Among the victims of this the criminal network, it was possible to identify several women, mostly of Venezuelan nationality, and a minor, who were in a status of vulnerability.  

It was determined that these people were allegedly contacted to work as waitresses, but upon arriving in Neiva (Huila) they were taken to two commercial premises and were forced to offer sexual services to different men. The victims were forced to work until they paid the costs of their transportation to the main city of Huila, as well as their maintenance in the country. 

The seven people who were arrested and taken to prison were charged with: human trafficking, aggravated exploitation for prostitution in a consistent sequence of serial crime, aggravated criminal conspiracy, simple kidnapping, and violent sexual assault in a consistent sequence of serial crimes.  

None of the people involved admitted their responsibility for the facts. 

People who must serve a prison sentence are: 

· Luis Anderson González Quiroga 

· Larry Johan Delgado  

· Blaneskis del Amor Villasmil Taborda  

· Edgar Enrique Velásquez García  

The other defendants were sentenced to house arrest:  

· Laura Daniela Aponte Vásquez 

· Yessica Carreño Vásquez and 

· Katherine Fuentes Rueda. 

The events that gave rise to investigations were reported in 2019 at the Colombian Attorney General’s Office by Migration authorities based in Neiva. 

The crimes took place between the second half of 2018 up to now.