Given the conclusive investigation carried out by the Office of the Attorney General into Oneida Reyeth Pinto Pérez, the 5th Municipal Court (with supervisory functions) extended last July 1st the arrest warrant issued against the above mentioned person for a term of one year in order to serve a prison sentence that was pronounced on July 5th, 2019. This decision became a reality in the last hours since the defendant turned herself in to the authorities.

Pinto Pérez was arrested for alleged irregularities in contracts in the years 2010-2011 in the municipality of Albania (La Guajira). She apparently created a foundation named Princesa Negra to be in charge of auditing the road-paving contract in that municipality for amounts exceeding 12,000,000,000. The investigators established that there was a possible detriment to that municipality for $ 5,981’965,192.

 For these irregularities, the Office of the Attorney General charged the defendant in 2019 for the alleged commission of criminal conspiracy, misappropriation, execution of a contract without compliance with the legal requirements and misrepresentation.