Another alleged member and three minors were also prosecuted.

The Office of the Attorney General prosecuted Luis Augusto Malava Cortés, alias Calimío, for being the alleged leader of the residual organized armed group Óliver Sinisterra, which commits crimes on the Colombian Pacific Coast such as extortions, murders, and drug trafficking.

Albert Jesús Ibarra Araujo, another alleged member of that structure was also prosecuted in the same proceeding. Both defendants were charged with manufacture, trafficking, possession of a firearm, and  manufacture, trafficking and possession of weapons, ammunition reserved for the exclusive use of the armed forces, or explosives.

Three minors were also apprehended in the home raids and searches in which the defendants were arrested and they were sent to the juvenile detention center preventive Instituto de Orientación Santo Ángel in the city of Pasto (Nariño).

In addition, the following war material was seized as a result of the home raids carried out in rural settlement  El Gualtal, municipality of Tumaco (Nariño) by personnel of Gaula (Police) and National Army:


  •  5.56mm x 45mm caliber rifle
  • Two 9mm x 19mm caliber pistols
  • A 380 auto caliber pistol
  • A magazine for a 380 caliber pistol
  • Two magazines for pistol
  • 6 magazines for rifle
  • 178 cartridges 5.56mm x 45mm caliber
  • 68 cartridges 9 mm caliber
  • 18 cartridges 45 auto caliber
  • 16 cartridges 380 auto caliber

In the course of the hearings, a supervisory judge took into account the arguments presented by the Office of the Attorney General and issued a detention order to serve a prison sentence in Villahermosa in the city of Cali (Valle del Cauca).

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of  general interest.