In a meeting with representatives of the productive and business sector in Valle del Cauca, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, counted on the support regarding the public safety strategy ‘en la Calle y en los territorios’ which includes a plan to impact criminal structures in Cali and its metropolitan area.

“You are not alone and we are planning a tripartite strategy between the Office of the Attorney General, the National Police, the industrial and business sector,” Prosecutor Barbosa stated at the end of the meeting.

The action plan for the city establishes a permanent monitoring of the security cameras, a coordination between the judicial police of the Technical  Investigative  Corps  (Cuerpo  Técnico  de  Investigación  CTI in  Spanish) and cutting-edge technology to identify members of illegal organizations involved in thefts, murders and drug trafficking, among other crimes.

“Tell criminals that we are watching them and that we are establishing facial identification mechanisms in the shopping malls, supermarkets, and stores,” stated the Attorney General.

1. These administrative divisions are known as ‘Comunas’

2. Which means near people and territories