Within the framework of the Transparency for Emergency initiative ‘Transparencia para la Emergencia’, the Office of the Attorney General charged the Mayor of Socorro (Santander), Luz Alba Porras Rodríguez, for her alleged responsibility in the execution of a contract without complying with the legal requirements.

The investigation is related to the alleged irregularities detected in the association agreement No. 20030103 signed last March 27, between the Mayor of Socorro and the corporation ‘Corporación Rayos de Esperanza’ in the amount of $ 125’756,280 to provide assistance to vulnerable elderly people in centers denominated ‘centro vida’ with a term of execution of 39 days.

According to the accusing authority, the Mayor allegedly executed the contract without considering the essential legal requirements for that stage of the contract, since the corporation had no experience and competence to reach the agreement as required. 

The investigation revealed that the corporation Rayos de Esperanza was registered before the Chamber of Commerce on March 3 and it became operational on March 25, and on March 27, it signed the contract with the Mayor’s Office.

The preventive measure will be issued in a hearing next June 18, at 2:30 pm