Four people were arrested when they allegedly coordinated violent actions and extortions against the population of Fortul, Arauquita and Tame (Arauca).

At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, the four individuals were sent to prison: Yeison Alexánder Pregonero Zambrano, Juan Carlos Antolinez Duarte, Alejandro Gómez Páez and Uriel Gómez Ramos. They were arrested by the National Army in Islas Cusay in Tame (Arauca) .

According to investigations, some members of the Army arrested the four people (4) who would have in their possession documents indicating alleged invasions of farms, purchase contracts, messages referring to the Organized Armed Group (Grupo Armado Organizado (GAO)), military equipment and a weapon with its respective ammunition.

The Sectional Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against those detained for the crime of rebellion before a supervisory judge. The defendants did not plead guilty to the charges.