Given the force of the evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General, Jorge Andrés Mejía Usma, alias Mono or el Tigre, accepted a plea bargain with the accusing body and was sentenced to 19 years and 4 months in prison for the crimes of aggravated criminal conspiracy (as chief), 2 aggravated murders, and 2 charges of illegal possession of firearms for self defense.

Thanks to an investigation carried out by a prosecutor of the Special Directorate against Criminal Organizations, it was possible to determine the existence of the criminal gang called La Sexta or Betania, that committed crimes in the so-called Comuna Trece in Medellín which was led by alias Juancito.

Once Juan Manuel Piedrahita Giraldo, alias Juancito, was arrested on May 1, 2018, Jorge Andrés Mejía Usma, who was part of the criminal structure since June 2017, took control of the group.

Alias Mono accepted his participation in several murders that were committed in the so-called Comuna Trece in Medellín, among them, the murder of Pedro Tavima Tavera, alias Negrito, that took place on November 13, 2017, when was taken with tricks to a sector naked la Arenera and there he was shot.