The Office of the Attorney General brought Aureliano Pérez Caballero, alias Dávinson before justice. He is an alleged leader of ‘Clan del Golfo’ who would be responsible for the most recent armed confrontations with other groups to control drug trafficking routes and illegal mining activities in Urabá.

The defendant was charged by a prosecutor from the Special Directorate against Criminal Organizations with aggravated criminal conspiracy and illegal manufacturing, trafficking, possession of firearms, parts, or ammunition. He did not plead guilty to the charges. 

As ordered by a Municipal Criminal Judge of Antioquia*, alias Dávinson must serve a custodial measure in prison Las Mercedes in Montería (Córdoba). The Office of the Attorney General requested to examine the medical conditions of the aforementioned leader and to ensure optimal health conditions in the place of detention before transferring the defendant.

The evidence gathered showed that Aureliano Pérez Caballero began his criminal activities 15 years ago and recently, he was head of  a  substructure of Clan del Golfo  named Jorge Iván Arboleda Garcés in which he would have become the main supporter of the territorial dispute between the ELN and the Organized Crime Group (Grupo Delincuencial Organizado GDO in Spanish) known as Los Libertadores del Nordeste.

* In this case this court also has an additional function which is called in Spanish “ambulante” which means a judge/court who travels or moves throughout places/cities when needed.