With regards to the most recent information about alleged illegal monitoring activities against journalists, human rights defenders, the then Secretary General of the President´s Office, an adviser to the High Commissioner for Peace and trustworthy people of President Iván Duque Márquez, the Office of the Attorney General informs:

1. Based on the information provided by the media, the Delegate Prosecutor´s Office before the Supreme Court opened an investigation on January 16, 2020 for the crimes of unlawful violation of communications and unlawful use of transmitters or receivers, among other crimes. 

2. Retired General Nicacio de Jesús Martínez Espinel, who was commander of the Colombian National Army when facts took place, will be summoned for questioning.

3. The Office of the Attorney General awaits the results of the forensic examination carried out to the equipment seized in a National Army´s headquarters  on December 2019 during a procedure ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice in which the accompaniment of the Technical Investigative Corps (Cuerpo Técnico CTI ) of the Office of the Attorney General was not requested.

4. The new facts that were revealed during the weekend, which demonstrate other illegal actions, will be taken into consideration in the investigation carried out by the Delegate Prosecutor´s Office before the Supreme Court of Justice. Due to these circumstances, it was ordered to interview people deemed necessary to clarify what happened. 

5. Based on recent information, It must be stated that monitoring people closed to the President, denotes a serious risk against institutionality, national security, and the rule of law in Colombia. This event will be investigated.

5. The Office of the Attorney General will not accept that through State institutions, human rights be violated, as well as the freedom of expression of any Colombian citizens.