1.    The Office of the Attorney General supports the effort of the National Government to face the crisis derived from the effects of the coronavirus and, in this sense, it endorses the issuance of Decree 546 of April 14, 2020 which allows the release of inmates that were taken into account in the emergency regulation.

2.     From the moment that the document signed by the President and his ministers was made public today, the Attorney General and his staff began to create a plan to implement the emergency legislative decree within the framework of the legal and constitutional powers of the entity.

3.    For the Office of the Attorney General, as head of the country’s Criminal Policy, it was of vital importance that a guarantee for inmates was taken into consideration in the decree 546 of April 14, 2020. It refers to the right of inmates who will benefit from the temporary house arrest, to have health services.

4.    We encourage the municipal and departmental authorities to urgently ensure the proper conditions for people deprived of liberty with detention measures and convicted people who are in transitory detention centers such as police stations, Immediate Reaction Units (Unidades de Reacción Inmediata URI), and others, in accordance with Article 27 of Decree 546 of April 14, 2020.

The Office of the Attorney General will be severe in demanding compliance with that obligation.

 5.    Law Decree 546 of April 14, 2020, issued by the National Government, shows the harmonious and responsible cooperation that exists between our Judiciary, the National Government and the Attorney General’s Office.