Office of the Attorney General launches investigation into the death of inmates after riots at La Modelo prison in Bogotá and Cómbita in Tunja (Boyacá).

Due to these unfortunate events in which 23 inmates of La Modelo prison in Bogotá  were killed after an attempt of rebellion and escape, and two more in Cómbita   (Boyacá), the Office of the Attorney General opened an investigation into these facts.

The purpose is to determine why inside these prisons, inmates have high-tech equipment  from which information in real time about what was happening inside the prison was sent, as well as to verify the status of the cell phone jammers before and at the moment of the escape attempt in two prisons. 

The Criminalistic group of Sijín and the Technical Investigative Corps (Cuerpo Técnico de Investigación (CTI) in Spanish) belonging to the Office of the Attorney General carried out the examinations of the deceased and assured that corpses were removed to the Institute of Legal Medicine for autopsy and full identification by experts.