Preliminary investigations indicate that this case would be related to illegal transportation of explosives in a public service vehicle. Victims identification is progressing.

The investigative work of the Office of the Attorney General and the National Police allowed to establish that the illegal transport of explosives would be the cause of the explosion of a public service vehicle which took place in a village named Párraga in Rosas (Cauca) on February 17th of this year.

Since the moment when the Office of the Attorney General assumed the investigation, criminalistic technical and experts on explosives from the Technical Investigative Corps (CTI) were assigned. They worked in conjunction with members of Sijin -National Police who analyzed the crime scene within a radius of five kilometers, conducted interviews and compiled other type of evidence.

Aspects such as the non-existence of a crater in the area of the explosion, as well as the absence of shrapnel, detonators and other elements would reaffirm the hypothesis of irregular transport of explosive material.