At the request of a prosecutor assigned to the Sectional Directorate of Bogotá, the 18th Municipal Criminal Court (magistrate judge) issued a detention order with imprisonment against Leidy Johanna Díaz Díaz for simple kidnapping (aggravated).

Facts took place on February 3rd, when, before noon, Díaz Díaz entered a room on the sixth floor at Hospital Universitario Mayor Méderi where there was a couple with their newborn baby and this woman tried to pass herself as a nurse gaining the trust of the parents and took the child under the excuse that she was going to weigh the baby.

According to the evidence, the defendant left the room with the baby swaddled with a hospital gown. She took a jacket when she was at the corridor and then she went to the ninth floor where she entered another room and some minutes later, she left with the jacket closed at the top and a backpack hanging on her hands.