The Third Criminal Court of the Specialized Circuit of Antioquia sentenced four members of the ELN Central Command (in spanish Comando Central de ELN (COCE)) to 32 years and 1 month (385 months in prison) for kidnapping and murder of investigators belonging to the Technical Investigative Corps (in spanish Cuerpo Técnico de Investigación CTI) Jhon Alejandro Morales Patiño and Edilberto Roa Pérez.

Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, aka Gabino; Israel Ramírez Pineda, aka Pablo Beltrán; Eliecer Herlindo Chamorro Acosta, aka Antonio García, and Rafael Sierra Granados, aka Ramiro Vargas Mejía were found responsible for ordering the crime committed against the officers.

According to the investigation conducted by the Office of the Attorney General, the CTI  members were deprived of liberty by armed men on September 2, 1998 when they were passing through a road Medellín- Sonsón (Antioquia). According to inquiries, several men wearing camouflaged uniforms stating they belonged to ELN front Frente Carlos Alirio Buitrago del ELN, illegally held Morales y Roa prisoners. Later they were killed with firearms in an area named Alto de San Miguel.