At the request of the Office of the Attorney General, the 26th Municipal Court (Control de Garantias) issued a detention order with imprisonment for John Jairo Esquivel Cuadrado, Raimundo Dorado, Jesús Alberto González Palencia and Ángel Custodio Parejo Ortiz for aggravated criminal conspiracy, aggravated kidnapping with extortion, torture, manufacturing, trafficking, possession and use of weapons and ammunition (aggravated) for private use and illegal use of uniforms.

On November 30, Gaula of National Police arrested John Jairo Esquivel Cuadrado, alias El Tigre, in the municipality of Maicao (La Guajira). In addition, in simultaneous operations carried out in Magdalena and Santander, Jesús Alberto González Palencia, aka El Flaco or Narizón; Ángel Custodio Parejo Ortiz, aka Miguel, el Soldado or El Cojo as well as Raimundo Dorado, aka Rai or Tendero were arrested.