The individual allegedly recorded and spread videos of at least 15 women in pornographic pages.

A preventive detention order with imprisonment was issued against Félix García Chabur for the crimes of violation of personal data and child pornography with a person under 18 years old. He was charged by the Office of the Attorney General last November 6th in a hearing (audiencias concentradas)1  before a municipal judge (guarantee judge) in Ibagué (Tolima).

The Office of the Attorney General has evidence that certifies the alleged responsibility of the defendant for the facts in which 15 women were victims, including a minor, whose videos were revealed on web pages with pornographic content and without their consent.

García Chabur had a court order since May 9th that was issued by the 8th Municipal Criminal Court in Ibagué at the request of a prosecutor belonging to the Center for Integral Assistance to Victims of Sexual Violence (Caivas)2.

  1. Several kinds of hearings held in one hearing
  2. In spanish Centro Integral de Atención a Víctimas de Abuso Sexual (Caivas).