The Office of the Attorney General makes progresses in investigations and convictions against those involved in threats and homicides of demobilized members of FARC guerrillas.

The First Criminal Court of the Specialized Circuit of Antioquia sentenced Ramiro Antonio Niebles Carrascal, alias ‘Carnitas’, who was arrested last May in the municipality of Uramita, western area of Antioquia.

Niebles is recognized for having served as commander of the so-called Clan del Golfo and was prosecuted for aggravated criminal conspiracy as a ringleader, manufacture and possession of firearms for private use of military forces and aggravated threats.

The evidence gathered by the Special Unit of Investigation of the Office of the Attorney General demonstrated the liability of Niebles Carrascal in the intimidations and death threats he made against the former combatant of the 18 FARC´s Front, Nilson Enrique Pico Berrocal, who appeared as a duly certified demobilized person of that group at the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace (OACP).