A prosecutor belonging to the Office of the Attorney General and the National Police arrested Edilson Cifuentes Hernández, aka Richard. His extensive criminal record contains 15 convictions for multiple crimes and 35 investigations for forced disappearance, criminal conspiracy and homicide.

In a coordinated work of the Attorney General’s Office and special units of Gaula (National Police), Edilson Cifuentes Hernández, aka Richard, was arrested downtown. He would have become the ringleader of ‘Los Puntilleros’ after the death of Óscar Mauricio Pachón Rozo or ‘Puntilla’ in December 2018 in Medellín.

‘Richard’ is remembered as former member of the Self-Defense Forces in Los Llanos Orientales and one of the main promoters of the partial ending of the so-called Union Patriótica (UP) in the 80s and 90s. In fact, within the framework of the Justice and Peace Process, he records 15 convictions for murder of a protected person, forced disappearance, torture, illegal possession of firearms and kidnapping, and 35 processes for forced disappearance, criminal conspiracy and murder.