After approving the appeal presented by a Prosecutor specialized in Human Rights belonging to the Sectional Office in Cali, the Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Cali sentenced seven Army officers of the so-called batallón de alta montaña No. 3 of the 3rd Army Brigade to 238 years in prison. They were investigated for murder of  protected person.

The high court revoked the judgement of acquittal entered by the 13th Criminal Court of the Circuit of Cali on May 24 which favored the officers.

The Army officers sentenced to 34 years in prison (each one) are:

  • Manuel Arturo Pabón Jaimes
  • Carlos Enrique Martín Díaz
  • Eduardo Fidel Angarita Santiago
  • Luis Francisco Galvis Sepúlveda
  • Jhon Jairo Quijano Sánchez
  • William Fabián Mosquera Delgado and
  • Cristian Daniel Delgado Cuascuer.