An ELN guerrilla man was also sentenced for the same facts.

After approving an agreement between the Office of the Attorney General and the defendant’s lawyer, the First Circuit Court of Apartadó (Antioquia) sentenced Jhon Neison Sepúlveda Posada (28- year-old), alias Garbanzo, to 36 years in prison for 3 aggravated murders, 6 attempted aggravated murders.

With this same decision, a member of the ELN, Yonatan Carvajal Holguín (19-year-old), aka Yolo, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

This investigation is related to an armed attack committed on September 20, 2018 in Ochalí, a municipality in Yarumal (Antioquia) in which geologists of the Canadian company Continental Gold, Laura Alejandra Flórez Aguirre, Henry Mauricio Martínez Gómez and Camilo Andrés Tirado Farak died. Other 6 co-workers got injured.