The Office of the Attorney General managed to arrest and prosecute wives of the extradited alias Bambam and Gordo Guillermo, among other people that would have lent their names to hide money derived from a cocaine shipment sent to the United States.

For two years the Office of the Attorney General through the Special Directorate against Money Laundering and with the support of the U.S. agency DEA, gathered enough evidence to identify and dismantle a criminal organization engaged in money laundering activities derived from drug trafficking.

Eight of the alleged members of the network that was mostly composed of relatives and acquaintances of the two Colombians that were extradited to the United States, were arrested by CTI investigators and asked to appear in a hearing (audiencias concentradas) in the so-called Complejo Judicial de Paloquemao in Bogotá.

In the proceedings, the prosecutor hearing the case charged the detainees with criminal conspiracy and money laundering. The judge of guarantees (juez de control de garantías) approved the statements made by the Office of the Attorney General  and issued a preventive detention order with imprisonment and ordered the suspension of the dispositive power of 8 vehicles (three of them were luxury cars) and other assets located in Bogotá, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Medellín and Sopetrán (Antioquia) which were in the name of the defendants, amounting to 25 billion pesos.